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VK Login plugin – API settings

May 28th, 2015 / by Eugene Sutula

VK Login plugin allows community members to signup and login easily using their VK(vkontakte) accounts.

With this plugin you will have most popular East European social network covered.

You need to create VP app and get API key and API Secret to setup this plugin.

1. Follow this link to create new VK application


2. Click ‘Create an Application’ and you will see a following form


Add unique title for your application, choose category “Website”, add website address and domain.

3. You will get sms with a confirmation code. Enter it on vk to approve your app.

4. Go to Settings page of your app to get required Application ID and Secure Key


5. Copy Application ID and Secure Key and paste them into VK Login plugin admin settings (Settings -> VK Login). Make sure there is a checkbox checked near “Enable VK plugin”

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