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Schedule allows community members to keep daily plans organized. This module will help your members to easily track their planned events online. It is a perfect choice for sportsmen,  lectors, medics, businessmen and many others. Users can write plans in advance using handy calendar on profile page.


Changes in the last upgrade:

  • new interface for recurring events;
  • fully refactored code;
  • fixed Chrome issues;
  • fixed validation issues.



  • special tab “Schedule” on member profile page;
  • reminders about upcoming events;
  • configurable daily schedule (start and end hours);
  • month calendar;
  • events privacy settings;
  • option to change time format (24 or 12 hours);
  • adding recurring events (day/week/month/year);
  • integration with Events plugin (if user creates or joins an event it’s added to schedule)*;
  • event invites (share events with community friends).

* enable integration with Events plugin in Schedule admin settings.


  • Profile Schedule;
  • Schedule (small calendar version for side column);
  • Group Schedule (combined daily schedule of up to 3 persons).

Admin settings:

  • settings based on user’s levels;
  • admins can adjust start and end hours for schedule.


Test user account


password: 123456



Current version is 4.7.0p5. It is fully compatible with SocialEngine version 4.2.4 - 4.8.X


- 4.5.0p2 (August 16, 2013): small css and Strict Standards fixes. 

- 4.5.0p1 (May, 20): added a new language variable.


Plugin requires WebHive Core.

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