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How-to: Grand Opening plugin settings

August 3rd, 2012 / by yana

Grand Opening plugin redirects all visitors to a special page thus making impossible for them to access the community inner pages. Grand Opening page is available in Layout editor and can be easily customized with the help of widgets.

In this article we will explain all settings and show how to use this plugin.

Let’s start from the installation


After the installation let’s go through all settings.
Go to Admin panel main menu ->Plugins->Grand Opening

Global Settings
GO Global settings
1) “Enable Grand Opening” option allows you to control plugin easily. If you don’t need plugin to be activated just click “No” and save changes.

2) “Fields for notifications” allows you to collect members emails to send notification letters. This can be useful if you pl

an to gather emails to send first invites. It can be set to get names and emails or emails only.

3)  “Countdown” is a digital timer that count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds left till community will open.

4) “Countdown till” option gives possibility to set date and time when community will be launched.


Layout Editor
Grand Opening page is available in Layout editor. You can customize it using widgets.
Go to Admin panel main menu ->Layout->Layout editor->Grand Opening
Layout editor


How to access the website when Grand Opening is enabled?

If you need to test the website while Grand Opening is enabled go to and login to the admin panel. Website visitors will not be able to login to the website, but see Grand Opening page instead.



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