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How-To: Media plugin settings

July 11th, 2012 / by yana


This article describes how to get the most from Media plugin for SocialEngine 4. It can be used in different cases, as it allows members to upload files of multiple formats and unite them in projects.

Here is a video how to install it


After the installation let’s go through all settings.

Go to Admin panel main menu ->Plugins->Media Plugin

Global Settings
Global Settings


1)“Entries per page” field allows you to set a number of media projects will be shown per page. These projects are shown on page “Browse All” (

2) FFmpeg is a free server tool used to convert videos uploaded by community members. All video files are converted to special format supported by web video player. If you don’t have ffmpeg path – contact server support team. Plugin will work without ffmpeg path, but users won’t be able to upload videos, only import it from youtube and vimeo.
You can find more information about ffmpeg here

3) FLVTool2 is used to create mp4 version of videos for iOS devices: iPhones, iPads and iPods. These devices don’t support flash – Media plugin can create additional version of a video in format they support. Note, two versions of a single video will require 2 times more space of HD on your server.

4)FFmpeg can’t process video files with complex audio tracks (ex. 5.1 audio). This can be a serious issue if you want community members to upload videos in mp4 and mkv formats. We strongly recommend to setup FAAD in this case.

5) If you have already set up ffmpeg, flvtool2 paths for video conversion, Convert video for iPad option will allow you to display videos on mobile devices. Ipad and other iOS devices don’t support Flash, that’s why videos are played with the help of browser facilities (html5).

6) Convert video for HD option will allow videos to be encoded with H.264 codec. H.264 is the scalable video coding system available, delivering excellent video quality across the entire bandwidth – including HD. HD Video has a resolution higher than that of a Standard-Definition Video (SD Video: 720 pixels × 480 lines with 16:9 aspect ratio, 720 pixels × 480 lines with 4:3 aspect ratio or 640 pixels × 480 lines with 4:3 ratio). HD has two frame sizes – the smaller 1280×720 and the larger 1920×1080.
Image size

7),8) “Image Size” and “PDF Size” options allow to enter max size of images and pdf files on view project page.
Video size

9) “Video Size” option allows to select size of videos on view project page. You can choose video  proportions between its width and its height.
Thumbnail size

Thumbnails size preview

10) “Thumbnails size” option allows to enter size of thumbs(reduced images) on browse projects page.


Replace url

11) You might have noticed ‘whmedia’ in urls. We use it to make sure there won’t be any conflicts with other plugins for SocailEngine 4. But you can easily change it to something more user friendly (examples: media, portfolio, etc).
Sliding images

12) If your community has a lot of photos or images in Media plugin projects, sliding with keyboard arrows will make browsing through photos more user-friendly.


Save all data you have entered on current web page and proceed to Media page to check plugin in work.

Our team hopes this article was helpful for you. If you have any questions about Media plugin contact us we will gladly help you.

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