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LinkedIn SignIn plugin – API settings

September 9th, 2014 / by Eugene Sutula

LinkedIn SignIn plugin allows community members to signup and login easily using their LinkedIn accounts.

With this plugin you will have most popular social media platforms covered, since twitter and facebook signin are present in SocialEngine by default.

You need to get LinkedIn API key and API Secret to setup this plugin.

1. Follow this link to create new LinkedIn application


2. You will need this form (outdated screen)

LinkedIn Api

Make sure you will have all required field.

3. Select following checkboxes in section #5:

  • ‘r_basicprofile’
  • ‘r_emailaddress’,

4. Click Add Application. You will get OAuth Keys. Copy API Key and Secret Key

5. Open admin panel of your community. Paste API Key and Secret Key, enable LinkedIn SignIn plugin

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  • Arshad Farooqui


    i purchased this plugin and followed all above instructions but still the linkedin button doesno’t appear on login page, please help.