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WebHive Team Store Refund Policy

Before you complete your purchase please carefully review whether the particular product under consideration will meet your needs. If you experience any problems downloading content please contact and we will assist you.

You may request the refund via the WebHive service under the following conditions:

  • refund is requested within 72 hours after a product purchase;
  • if a product meets your site technical requirements and its features don’t work on your site;
  • in the case if you or WebHive specialist is unable to install WebHive product properly on your server;
  • WebHive staff cannot fix product  issues or errors using given ftp, ssh (root), Cpanel, database and admin access credentials;
  • product issues are not caused by your modifications or any part of SocialEngine and other plugins;
  • if product package wasn’t damaged or unzipped.

For any requests of refund, please contact us via e-mail






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