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Questions & Answers

Questions and Answers is a plugin for SocialEngine 4 that gives your users functionality to post questions and get answers. It has a ratings system, so users can vote for best answers and gain points for activity.


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The Questions & Answers plugin helps you to build an active community. This plugin give your users functionality to ask and answer questions. Also they can vote for best answers and gain rating points for activity.

Enhance communication and social capabilities of your community!

New in Q&A 4.9.1 release

  • Compatibility with SE 4.9.1 and PHP7;
  • Font Awesome and new file preloader;
  • Support for Arabic symbols.



  • Image attachments for questions.
  • Spam/Abuse reporting.
  • SEO-friendly URLs.
  • Comments for answers.
  • Mobile plugin support.
  • Functionality to ask questions from “What’s New” feed.
  • Voting for questions and answers, ratings and a lot of settings for points.
  • Questions privacy settings.
  • Voting for questions.
  • Subscription to questions.
  • Text editor for questions and answers.
  • Rating system with members profile information,avatars and pagination.
  • Users can see who liked their answers.
  • Anonymous questions and answers.
  • Tags.
  • Unanswered questions page.
  • Categories in “Recent Questions” widget.
  • Improved administration.



  • Most answered questions.
  • Popular questions.
  • Profile questions&answers.
  • Questions by relevance.
  • Recent Answers.
  • Top rated users.
  • Questions by relevance
  • Q&A statistics
  • Pages Ask a Question, Edit a Question, Manage Question, Q&A ratings,Questions and Answers, View a Question are available in Layout editor;


Admin settings:

  • categories for questions;
  • setting based on user’s level;
  • rating system (includes limitation of Q&A functionality based on user’s rating);
  • admins can change questions status (for example, reopen).




Test user account


password: 123456


Live community


Current version is 4.10.0 It is fully compatible with SocialEngine versions 4.1.8p1 - 4.10.X.

Note, majority of plugins are fully compatible with SocialEngine 5. Our team provides support in case of any issues with SE 5 setup.

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