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Ajax Slider

Ajax Slider provides an effective option to advertise different sections of your community on the home page or any other page.


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This plugin was developed by WebHive team and we have used it for custom design projects only. However due to numerous requests  it has now been released as a stand-alone plugin.




  •  speed (This is the faster Slider for SocialEngine4. We don’t load all images at once to make your home page smaller and faster to load. No additional java script libraries are loaded);
  • works as a widget so you can place it anywhere;
  • image resizing (we use our own class to improve quality);
  • multiple sliders - you can create unlimited number of separate sliders for different pages using Ajax slider widget;
  • customizable slider - you can choose colors for slider background, text block and font;
  • improved slider navigation - side arrows to scroll slides, navigation bar (both optional);
  • now it’s possible to upload images smaller then slider height and width;
  • option to open slider links in a new browser window;
  • compatibility with Hire-Experts plugins.


  •  Ajax slides (allows you to place slider according your needs )

Drag and drop the widget to the appropriate location in Layout editor and it will displaying on the website.

Admin settings:

  • slide details (title, description, link and slides order);
  • sliding time, size and image quality settings.


Test user account


password: 123456



Current version is 4.2.4p3. It is fully compatible with SocialEngine versions  4.0.4 - 4.8.X

Note, majority of plugins are fully compatible with SocialEngine 5. Our team provides support in case of any issues with SE 5 setup.

We provide 2 months of free support for all products developed by our team. In case of any issue WebHive team is always around to resolve it.



Installation Video

Preview Video

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