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Prism Theme

The most stylish template for SocialEngine PHP.
Prism template is a good choice if you are looking for amazing design, but don't have a budget to afford custom design yet.


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Prism theme supports following plugins out-of-box:

Webligo plugins:
Mobile, Forums, Groups, Events, Blogs, Photo Albums, Music Sharing, Video Sharing,
Classifieds, Polls, Chat and
Mobile Plugin.
WebHive plugins:
Questions & Answers, Avatar Tools, Ajax Slider, Favorite Pages
Hire-Experts plugins:
Pages, Likes, Rates, Quiz,
Touch-Mobile plugin

and more.
If case you will notice any issues with these plugins don't hesitate to contact us - we release fixes asap.

Important Note:  Installation of Prim theme requires additional changes to be done in Layout Editor. We will contact you shortly after the purchase and provide instructions or will do it for you free.

Could you install this theme for me?
Absolutely! We charge only 15usd for installation. We will need you to provide SocialEngine admin details and in some cases ftp access to set permission settings. You can purchase installation separately


Installation instructions:

1) go to Admin panel->Manage "Packages&Plugins" and click "Install New Packages"

2) Follow the on screen instructions to install theme package

3) go to Theme editor -> select "Activate Theme"

4) Open Layout Editor in admin panel, choose to edit header

5) Add 'HTML Block' widget under 'Main Menu' with following code:

<div class="background"><div class="inner1"></div></div>

6) Save header



What browsers does it support?
It supports all modern browsers: Firefox 3 and 4, Chrome, Safari 5, Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9

Does it includes Ajax Slider?
No, but you can buy our Ajax Slider separately.

Is it complex to change or modify Prism theme?
Our html/css code is clean and polished, so it's not very complex to change it (for example for set new background image)

Do you have online demo?
For this template we have not installed a demo, but you can check available screenshots to see how Prism template looks. Don't worry about versions compatibility or plugins mentioned in list before. We provide full support and take care about any issues.

I'm looking for something special instead of template. Can you help?
Sure, we can create stylish custom design based on your requests. Just let us know more about what you need and show few examples of designs you like. Don't hesitate to contact us.





Installation&Preview Video


If you are looking for Prism Theme version for phpFox click here.


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