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Media Projects (multi-purpose plugin)

Media Projects is the first universal plugin that can be used for different purposes: portfolio projects, albums, articles, blogs, reviews, recipes and more. It offers special uploader that automatically detect file types. It’s powerful, yet simple to use SocialEngine plugin. Originally it was developed as a portfolio plugin, however functionality was reworked and expanded.

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Changes in the last Media Projects update:

  • Improved Mobile Support


Highlighted Features:

  • Support for pdf, PowerPoint (*.ppt; *.pptx) and animated gif file types.
  • iPhone/iPad support for videos*.
  • Supports *.mp4; *.mkv video formats.
  • HD and streaming** for videos.
  • SEO-friendly urls, tags.
  • Special project editor.
  • Publish and preview for project.
  • improved social sharing (also special image and description tags for Facebook/Pinterest);
  • simplified setup;
  • requires WebHive Core.

*may require additional setup

**video streaming will require special server settings and setup. Contact us for details if you plan to use it.

Media Projects plugin supports all popular video, audio and music file formats. Users will be able to add few different files in the same project with titles, description and tags. It does not depend on any other plugin: you won't need albums or video plugin installed.



  • Best media (based on likes);
  • Featured media;
  • Featured projects;
  • Most popular projects (based on views);
  • Social Sharing;
  • Projects Slider;
  • Profile favourite media;
  • Profile projects;
  • Random or Newest media.

 Media Projects widgets will allow you to customize the look and feel of your community according to your choice.


Admin Settings:

  • Categories for media projects;
  • Setting based on user’s level.


How can I use this module?

Media Projects plugin can be used for different social network websites. Here are few examples of how it can be used:


Add-on allows to upload images of different types and sizes: professional photos, illustrations, design concepts or other graphical works. Media Projects plugin supports high resolution for images and quality resizing for thumbnails. Also it includes a variety of useful widgets to customize layout of your community. Portfolio projects can be accompanied with audio and video as well.

Concert reviews
Media Projects plugin lets to create albums or concert reviews with tons of audio and video files. Project’s creator can add album cover, concert photos and videos, clips or music tour trailers. It’s possible to  include album details or any information about singer to the project.  

Movie reviews
You can use  Media Projects plugin to upload movie trailers or import them from YouTube and Vimeo.  It allows to create projects with simple video reviews or HD movies with streaming. Additional features make possible to add  actors’ photos, movie stills and soundtracks.


Travels and Trips reviews

Photo Contests

Concerts, Events and Festivals reviews

Movie reviews




Test user account


password: 123456



Current version is 4.9.3. It is fully compatible with SocialEngine versions 4.8.8 - 4.10.x


Note, majority of plugins are fully compatible with SocialEngine 5. Our team provides support in case of any issues with SE 5 setup


How-To: Media Projects plugin settings


Installation Video


Media Project creation



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