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Moderator Toolbox

Moderator Toolbox allows admins and moderators to manage community effectively. It adds an improved member search page for administrators and moderators. Also, it adds additional widgets to manage/ban members from the profile.


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It’s possible to create moderators, users without access to admin panel. Moderators have access only to members list and can delete, approve, disable or enable their accounts. This plugin is a solution to help site owners keep their communities in line and get rid of spammers fast.




  • Banning member for a selected period of time.
  • Members moderation from special search page or member’s profile
  • Improved member search (for example profiles can be filtered by text in status or IP address, also it can show up to 100 results per a page)
  • Link “Moderation” placed in mini menu and visible only for administrators and moderators
  • Full members information: user name, displayed name, email, sign up IP, login IP, signup date and number of personal messages
  • Log stores moderators activity (so admin can verify what was done)
  • Moderator note (moderators and admins can keep a private note about any member)
  • Reports (moderators can control inappropriate content, abuse and spam reports)
  • “Messages activity” feature to monitor messaging activity


  • Profile Moderation links


Admin settings:

  • access to Moderators panel based on users levels



The current version is 4.10.3. It is fully compatible with SocialEngine versions 4.6.0 - 4.10.X

Note, majority of plugins are fully compatible with SocialEngine 5. Our team provides support in case of any issues with SE 5 setup.


Installation Video

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