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Easy-to-use plugin that allows community members to share their Instagram photos profile.
All photos have detailed information - titles, likes, creation dates. Caching settings allow to make less requests to Instagram server and load photos really fast.


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Changes in the last upgrade:

  • fixed issue with RTL direction.



1) Profile widget for instagram photos.

2) flexible admin settings (choose image size 150x150, 306x306, 612x612).

3) image caching and auto-update.

4) mobile devices compatibility.

5) Images pop-up window with navigation.

6) “Instagram Photos by Tag” widget (tag can be set in widget settings);

7) support of all SocialEngine caching types*.

8) supports Instagram videos.

*Read more info about Performance&Caching




Current version is 4.9.3 It is fully compatible with SocialEngine versions 4.8.0 - 4.9.3



Instagram plugin – API settings

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