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Custom Menu

Custom menu allows you to customize and improve menus in SocialEngine PHP, giving the ability to set drop-down menu instead of standard SocialEngine menu. This plugin extends standard functionality and gives more opportunities to create non-standard designs, for example with user’s avatar in header, updates in main menu or without mini-menu.

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  • drop-down menu elements;
  • special menu items (User Avatar, User Avatar with profile link, Updates, Search, Horizontal divider);
  • drag-and-drop sorting in admin panel;
  • menu items display based on user levels;
  • sticky menu option for each "Custom menu" widget;
  • icons support;
  • description field for each menu item;
  • standard menu and plugins menus support;
  • Mobile plugin (SE) support;
  • JSON reorder, render optimization;
  • horizontal divider;
  • responsive layout;
  • Sticky option for each "Custom menu" widget.



  • Custom menu drag-and-drop widget.


Admin settings:

All additional settings provided with this plugin will be added to the User Menu administrative

page and will be available for every menu item after installation, namely:

  • Add Special Item button;
  • User Levels visibility option;
  • field Icon.



Current version is 4.7.0. It is fully compatible with SocialEngine version 4.3.0 - 4.8.X

Note, majority of plugins are fully compatible with SocialEngine 5. Our team provides support in case of any issues with SE 5 setup.

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