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Elegant theme that is easy to modify without any css knowledge. It contains special plugin to upload community background from admin panel. Also we have included Custom Menu plugin. Both plugins help to change the look and feel of usual SocialEngine layout. Design isn’t overloaded with colors, we used simple white&black color-combination enriched with red elements.


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  • Cross-browser design. Chameleon theme was tested in all popular web browsers and looks the same in any one you like.
  • Clean code. This theme was created with speed-optimization in mind.
  • Supported Plugins: Webhive (Q&A, Slider and others), Webligo and Hire-Experts (Store, Page Contact and others)
  • Chameleon package includes Custom Menu and Custom Background plugins.


The theme is perfect for:

  • Visual and creative artists communities,
  • School, college and work organizations,
  • Photographers and models,
  • Travel communities,
  • Music Fans and Bands
  • and many others.


Installation instructions:

1) Go to Admin panel->Manage "Packages&Plugins" and click "Install New Packages".

2) Follow the on screen instructions to install theme package

3) Go to Theme editor -> select "Activate Theme"

4) Special Background module will be installed automatically with this theme. Go to “Plugins” → select menu item “Custom Background” → click “Upload New Background” button

5) Go to Menu editor to set Custom menu → select "Mini menu" or "Main menu" → drag&drop required items or add special item (Avatar, Avatar&Profile Link, etc.)

  6) Go to Layout editor →select "Site Header" page → replace "Main menu" and "Mini menu" with Custom menu widget

Price: 59usd


Installation service: We provide our customers with paid installation service of this SocialEngine4 theme.  If you have any difficulties feel free to contact us and we will help you. The price is only 15usd.


Customization: The design can be easily modified in line with your requirements.

Feel free to contact our team and let us know what you need. We will give you an accurate estimate and timing.



Current version is 4.6.0p1. It is fully compatible with SocialEngine version 4.3.0 - 4.8.X


- 4.6.0p1 (August 21, 2013):

1) updated with the latest versions of Custom Menu and Custom Background plugins;

2) fixed small css issues.




Note, if you want to use this theme with Ajax Slider we have separate improved styles for it. Contact us and we will provide you with details.


Theme is sold in a full package only: Chameleon theme, Custom Menu plugin and Custom background.


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