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Honeypot (anti-spam)

Honeypot plugin saves SocialEngine communities from spam bot signups. It uses special "trap" field to block automated spam submissions.

This module was developed as an alternative for signup captcha, which isn't effective anymore and hard for users to guess.




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How does it work?

Plugin uses cleaver security idea called "honeypot" - it set special "trap" field in signup. Regular email field is hidden with styles so real people can't see it, but spam bots still try to fill it.

Instead of hidden email field honeypot plugin shows randomly names field so people can signup easily and won't notice any changes.


Is it complex to install and configure?

Not at all. Use admin panel ot install modules as any other package - SocialEngine signup form will be updated automatically. If you have modified signup form or use any 3rd party signup plugins/widgets - conflicts might appear. They require one or two hours of customization (purchased separately).

You can turn the plugin off using admin panel if required.


Do I need to keep reCaptcha?

No, we advice to turn it off. It does not save from spammers anymore, but due complexity you get less real signups


Will Honeypot help to avoid all kind of spam?

Honeypot plugin stops automated spam submissions only (signups). Unfortunately, real person still can signup and submit any posts manually. But in this case, it's easy to ban the person and moderate posts.

Note, this plugin won't stop spam bots that already registered, so it's important to remove all of them. We recommend using Moderator Toolbox plugin ( for this.


Will my visitors need to guess any rebuses to signup?

No, the look of signup form will remain the same. Nobody will notice any difference.


Demo: (it will look like a regular signup form)



The current version is 4.8.8p3. It is fully compatible with SocialEngine versions 4.6.X - 5.x



Honeypot replaces standard signup form. If you use any widget/plugin that modify signup most likely conflict will appear that will cause issues.




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